Author: Paul F. Stahls Jr.

Traveling Gourmet: In Praise of Persimmons

I suppose most everyone has a favorite fruit whose appearance in the market is eagerly anticipated. In my case, it’s the persimmon, which comes into season this time of year. What a wonderfully succulent, decadent fruit it is, so soft…

Traveling Gourmet: Cold Sauces for a Hot Summer

The idea of making and eating sauces in the middle of summer seems laughable. Who wants rich, heavy embellishments on their food when the thermometer is going through the roof and all you really crave is something that is ice-cold,…

In the Pink

A giant among seafood, shrimp are crucial to our cuisine

Summer’s Bounty

Fresh vegetables are abundant in these long summer days. Fortunately, so are recipes for them.