Carnival Time

 Pictured here is a scene from Shreveport’s Krewe of Gemini. Which statement about the krewe is correct?

A. It has a twin krewe in Monroe.
B. It parades on Mardi Gras evening.
C. It is the oldest parading krewe in the Ark-La-Tex region.
D. Its riders throw flowers rather than beads.

 Each year a Carnival ball is held in Washington, D.C., with a member of the Louisiana congressional delegation as its captain. What is the name of the organization?

A. The Krewe of Kongress
B. The Mystick Krewe of Louisianians
C. The Veto Proof Strutters
D. The Potomac Promenade

 Because of its huge curved ballroom that allows for more sight lines, the Washington krewe’s ball has been held in this building since 1977:

A. The Sheraton Park Hotel
B. The Washington Hilton Hotel
C. Ford’s Theater
D. The Pentagon Barracks

 Henry Roeland Byrd recorded one of the all-time popular rhythm-and-blues Carnival songs, “Go to the Mardi Gras.” By what name was he better known?

A. Dr. Mardi Gras
B. Leadbelly
C. Professor Longhair
D. Mr. Bojangles

 Although Byrd’s song was set in New Orleans, what Louisiana town was he from?

A. Bogalusa
B. Frogmore
C. Zachary
D. Bordelonville

 Your friend’s parole officer says he should try to channel his skills in a positive way. Unfortunately, what he is most skilled at is stealing. A social worker suggests that he should look into a Carnival event in which chicken and sausage is symbolically “stolen” in order to make a gumbo. What is the event called?

A. The Chicken Run
B. Courir de Mardi Gras
C. Gumbo Ya Ya
D. The Royal Rampage

 Having staged its first parade in 1872, this is the oldest parading group in the state, and its monarch is considered to be the king of Carnival:

A. Comus
B. Momus
C. Proteus
D. Rex

 Your friend joined a Carnival krewe and told the organizers that he wanted to be king. Told that he could not be, he cited a book by a former Louisiana governor saying “every man a king.” Who was the governor?

A. Earl Long
B. Jimmie Davis
C. O.K. Allen
D. Huey Long
 The Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade and ball are held in which city?
A. Natchitoches
B. Lake Charles
C. Spanish Town
D. Baton Rouge

 Your friend asks you what day of the week Mardi Gras is going to be on. You tell him that the name means “Fat Tuesday.” “So,” he asks again, “what day of the week will it be on?” Having realized his intellectual capacity, you change the subject when he starts asking about Easter. Nevertheless, Mardi Gras is 40 days, not counting Sundays, before Easter. How is the date of Easter calculated?

A. The first Sunday of Spring
B. The first Sunday after
the first full moon after the vernal equinox
C. The first Sunday after the last Tuesday prior to the first full sun of the year
D. The 16th Sunday prior
to the Autumnal Equinox

Answer this BONUS QUESTION and be eligible to win an overnight stay for two at the luxurious PARAGON CASINO RESORT: Name the oldest Carnival organization still parading in each of the following towns: Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, New Roads and Shreveport.

Send in your answer on a postcard addressed to:
Louisiana Life Bonus Question
110 Veterans Blvd., Suite 123
Metairie, LA 70005

Two winners will be drawn from among the correct answers. Each will receive an overnight stay for two at the recently expanded and re-modeled Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville. Winners’ names will be announced in the May/June 2011 issue.

For this issue, the question was:

Name quarterbacks from Louisiana universities (other than LSU) who made it to the NFL as a starter in
that position. What team (s) did
they play for?

The correct answer was:

17 names including the following: Jake Delhomme (Cleveland Browns), Bobby Hebert (Atlanta Falcons), Doug Williams (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Terry Bradshaw (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Winners were:

Sam Adams of West Monroe
Sabrina Wiese of Kenner

1.C   2.B   3.B  4.C   5.A  
6. B   7.D   8.D  9.D 10.B

Score 10 points for each correct answer:

0-20 Consult your nearest library.

30-60 Begin by buying a good road map.

70-90 You should run for office.

100 Candidate for a Ph.D. in Louisianaology

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