Food + Drink

Call of the Wild

SPRING/SUMMER Spring and summer are the seasons seafood lovers look forward to during the cold, gray winter. Shrimp, crab, red snapper and redfish are some of the most longed for delicacies. Start dinner with crab cakes and then have red…

Bicentennial Festivities

Lafayette’s year-long bicentennial revelries continue with the Celtic Bayou Festival bicentennial celebration March 17-18 ( followed by the March 26-30 Festival International de Louisiane bicentennial celebrations ( Chartered by the Louisiana Legislature in 1823 two years after its founding, the…

Beach Bound

Festivals are coming back in a big way to Alabama beaches, including the enormously popular Hangout Music Festival May 20-22, which combines music, food and activities such as roller disco and beach volleyball. Speaking of volleyball, the National Collegiate Women’s…

Soup’s On

The world of soups includes everything from the precious and esoteric to the homey and comforting, from thin and intense consommés to thick and hearty concoctions that blur the boundary between soups and stews. I love them all, but my…


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