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Take Two

Gin & Tonic 1 slice lime 1 slice cucumber 1 large basil leaf 2 ounces gin ice cubes 4-6 ounces tonic water Place lime, cucumber and basil leaf in a tall glass or balloon glass. Add gin and press on…

Soup’s On

The world of soups includes everything from the precious and esoteric to the homey and comforting, from thin and intense consommés to thick and hearty concoctions that blur the boundary between soups and stews. I love them all, but my…

Raisin’ Cane (Syrup)

Cane syrup, once known as New Orleans syrup, is a product particularly associated with Louisiana. Historically, it was a sweetener made on small family farms by grinding sugarcane and boiling down the juice to make syrup. During World War I,…

Chicken Dance

Chicken is to a cook what an empty canvas is to a painter. It suggests infinite possibilities, limited only by one’s imagination and talent. There have probably been more culinary improvisations involving chicken than most any other ingredient, in part…

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