Film Prize Foundation Announces Partnership with Louisiana Film Entertainment Association (LFEA)

SHREVEPORT, La (press release) – The Prize Foundation and the Louisiana Film Entertainment Association announced today that they will be joining forces and amplifying their collective abilities. LFEA and the Prize Foundation will work together on Film Prize Junior, a learning program and film competition that teaches the state’s high school and middle school students to create films. They will also team up on the award-winning Louisiana Film Prize, a film competition and mentor program helping Louisiana recruit and build an indigenous filmmaking community of creative entrepreneurs.

“When we looked across the state trying to find a group who shared an interest in building independent film in all of Louisiana, there was one name that came up, LFEA,” said Gregory Kallenberg, Executive Director of the Film Prize Foundation and Founder of the Louisiana Film Prize. “

The two organizations will combine forces to offer mentorship support services to the burgeoning filmmaking culture all over Louisiana. LFEA and the Louisiana Film Prize will work together to realize a shared vision of making homegrown filmmaking a permanent industry and an economic driver for the state.

“This partnership is committed to connecting the next generation filmmakers with the rewards and recognition they deserve,” said Trey Burvant, President of the Louisiana Film Entertainment Association. “Through this, we hope to identify future stars behind and in front of the camera, connecting them with mentors who will help their career path going forward. Of course, the ultimate goal is to encourage them to follow their dreams in our industry right here at home.”

Film Prize Foundation and Louisiana Film Entertainment Association will be co-presenting Film Prize Junior, a high school and middle school version of the Film Prize, April 15-25. The festival will be online at www.FilmPrize LFEA will also be a partner in the award-winning Louisiana Film Prize. The Film Prize will be held September 30-October 3 in Shreveport, Louisiana.



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