Episode 108: Secrets of Traiteuses

I guess you might call them faith healers, but they are more than that description because they often rely on certain herbs and plants, as well as handed-down prayer and sometimes even a gentle touch to heal certain maladies. They have long been a part of Cajun culture especially in rural areas away from standard medical treatment. Mary Perrin and Bev Fusel, two traiteuses (the female equivalent of “traiteurs”) from the Lafayette area, and the authors of a newly published book “Healing Traditions of South Louisiana, prayers, plants and poultices” join Louisiana Life Executive Editor Errol Laborde, along with podcast producer Kelly Massicot to talk about what maladies are best treated by traiteurs and why.

Oh yes, we will also hear about the power of elderberries.

Usa Silhouette B

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