Episode 121: A Century Old, Yet Not a Has Bean

A century ago, a New Orleans based company, founded by Lucius H. Hayward Jr., was in the business of purveying dried beans, most notably the red kidney shaped variety. The company would eventually trademark the name Camellia Brand Red Beans. The business flowered from there. At first the beans were scooped from a barrel at grocery stores, but then Gordon Hayward, the son of the company’s founder, had the idea to package the beans in cellophane bags. With that, red beans became an easily marketable item. Vince Hayward, great grandson of Lucius and CEO of Camellia Brands, joins Louisiana Life Executive Editor Errol Laborde, along with podcast producer Kelly Massicot to talk about the evolution of the New Orleans classic everyman’s dish, red beans and rice. It is a fascinating story made spicier with slices of andouille, pickled meat and bay leaves for seasoning. Hayward also reveals his personal recipe including why he adds a chunk of butter.

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