Episode 123: The Heavenly Hash Centennial

There are all sorts of anniversaries in life, however seldom is a milestone celebrated for a candy. But then there are few confections as worthy of special recognition as Heavenly Hash. This year is the centennial of Elmer Chocolate creating the Heavenly Hash Easter Egg. In 1923, the recipe was purchased from a New Orleans confectionary store. Prior to that purchase, the candy was generally sold in slices. The Elmer folks developed the technology to make Heavenly Hash in a chocolate egg-shaped covering.

Robert Nelson, CEO of Elmer Chocolate, joins Louisiana Life Executive Editor Errol Laborde, along with podcast producer Kelly Massicot, to talk about one of the world’s great candies, as well as Gold Bricks, Pecan Eggs and other Elmer’s products like chocolate packed valentine boxes. This is not a commercial but a culinary history combining chocolate, almond, pecans and skilled marketing.

We’ll also hear about the uproar when an expanding drug store chain decided one year not to carry Elmer’s products.

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