Episode 125: Louisianians of the Year – Class of 2023

There is so much talent in Louisiana that selecting finalists for Louisiana Life’s annual Louisianian of the Year issue is one of the magazine’s toughest challenges. But, It was accomplished! And, there are many promising prospects left for the future.

Louisiana Life Editor Melanie Spencer joins Errol Laborde, the magazine’s executive editor, along with podcast producer Kelly Massicot to boast about this year’s list consisting of a woman working to preserve the Houma Indian culture; a champion of preserving the wetlands; a nurse practitioner specializing in sickle cell cases; a teacher who has mastered keeping the attention of students and a Shreveport restaurateur expanding his family’s legacy.

Plus, we will hear why one designee says of her calling, “This is where God wanted me to be.”

Usa Silhouette B

Original photo by Romero & Romero


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