Episode 134: Café Brulot – Drinking the Devil’s Brew

When ordering, one might wonder why the cup in which their coffee is served has an image of the devil on the outside or, especially, why the coffee when poured into a serving bowl is on fire. The real jolt is yet to come as the server ladles Café Brulot into the bedeviled cup. There is a rich history, much tracing back to France, in which ingredients were burnt and mixed with seasonings before being enriched by another liquid. Café Brulot is the most famous example, and few cities do it better and in more different places, than New Orleans.

Author Sue Strachan, who specializes in food, drink and other cultural quirks, joins Executive Editor of Louisiana Life Errol Laborde, along with podcast producer Kelly Massicot to talk about her book, “The Café Brulot.” More than just telling stories of the drink itself, Strachan provides a history of some of the ingredients – such as cloves and oranges – and of restauranteurs and bartenders who popularized the drink.

We will also her about a famous pirate – OK, a privateer – who might have taken a few sips of the burning booze himself.

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Original photo: Josh Brasted

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