Episode 139: Stanley Dry – Stirring It Up With The Kitchen Gourmet

If the subject is restaurants don’t call Stanley Dry; if the subject is kitchens, then he’s your man. Dry is the long time writer of the “Kitchen Gourmet” column for Louisiana Life magazine. He has also authored cookbooks; two of which; “The Essential Louisiana Cookbook” and the “Essential Louisiana Seafood Cookbook” were published by this magazine’s parent company, Renaissance Publishing. He has written for national publications including The New York Times; Food and Wine Magazine and Travel & Leisure. And today, he is the guest for this podcast talking about vegetables that grow in his backyard, Louisiana blue crabs, shrimp and seasonal desserts. Dry joins Louisiana Life Executive Editor Errol Laborde, along with podcast producer Kelly Massicot with emphasis on summer cooking. We will also hear about the science, evolution and preparation of soft shell crabs.

Oh, he also bakes, but that is mostly in the cold months…

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