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For over 60 years, LARC has been a pillar of support for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in the Lafayette community. Since their inception, LARC has been committed to fully integrating the people they serve into the mainstream community and workforce. Along with all the help they’ve provided for our community, they have played a vital role in empowering individuals with disabilities and promoting their independence with their extensive range of services.

One of the key services provided by LARC is Community Supports and Services. This program focuses on assisting individuals with disabilities in their daily lives and promoting community engagements.

LARC also operates residential homes that offer a safe and supportive environment for individuals with disabilities. These homes are staffed by trained professionals who provide personalized care and support. Through residential services, they ensure that these individuals have a stable and nurturing living arrangement that meets their unique needs.

LARC’s vocational services play a significant role in helping individuals with disabilities develop job skills and find employment. One notable initiative is the Mardi Gras Beads-n-More store. This store offers employment opportunities for LARC individuals who sort and package recycled Mardi Gras beads. The beads are generously donated by schools, businesses, and civic organizations in the community. This initiative not only provides meaningful employment but also promotes sustainability through recycling. Some of the vocational services they can partake in include:

· Mobile Community Crews

· Retail Stores

· Supported Work

· Day Habilitation

· Job Readiness Skill Training Program

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To add, janitorial services for local businesses like are just some of the various community-based employment opportunities LARC offers. By providing meaningful employment, they help these individuals gain financial independence and a sense of purpose.

LARC has also made a lasting impact through Noel Acadien au Village. For 42 years, Noel Acadien has become a cherished part of the Lafayette community, particularly during the holiday season. The Christmas program at Acadian Village is a highlight for both visitors and LARC individuals. The village showcases the region’s rich Acadian heritage and offers an enchanting setting for holiday festivities.

The store and Acadian Village hold a special importance for LARC because they not only provide employment and recreational opportunities but also raise awareness about the capabilities and contributions of individuals with disabilities as shining examples of their mission to support these individuals in reaching their goals and promoting their inclusion in society.

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This community has been a beacon of hope and support for individuals with development disabilities and their families in Lafayette for years now and more to come. Through their wide range of services, Community Supports & Services, Residential Services, and Vocational Services, LARC has worked tirelessly to empower these individuals, promote their independence, and foster their integration into the community. The fundraisers mentioned are only some of the testaments to LARC’s commitment to providing meaningful opportunities and raising awareness about these amazing individuals’ capabilities. With their unwavering dedication, LARC continues to enrich lives and build a more inclusive community.

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