Sazerac House Now Distilling Sazerac Rye At On-Site Distillery


NEW ORLEANS (press release) – For the first time in history, whiskey is being legally produced in the Central Business District of New Orleans and will be for sale at the Sazerac House, the immersive spirited experience which opened in October of 2019. Sazerac Rye, the flagship rye brand of the Sazerac Company, is being produced by the Sazerac House’s distillery team and distilled on the custom-made still housed on the Sazerac House’s first-floor distillery exhibit.  Following production on-site in New Orleans, barrels of Sazerac Rye will be moved to age at the Sazerac Company’s Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, KY.

“Production of Sazerac Rye in our distillery is at the heart of all of what we are trying to showcase at the Sazerac House—putting all of our history into a new context through creating the most-awarded American Rye Whiskey right here in New Orleans,” said David Bock, distillery operations manager at Sazerac House. “Our distillery team will walk guests through each step of the distilling process, giving them chances to see, smell and even touch different parts of the process, as Sazerac Rye is barreled and sent off to age.

Sazerac House’s distillery will produce Sazerac Rye on a 500-gallon capacity still made by Kentucky’s Vendome Industries. The kettle/pot is 60” in diameter and has a 12-plate 17” diameter column, which is visible from Canal Street through two-story tall windows.

In addition to on-site distillation of Sazerac Rye, the Sazerac House is also offering bottled Sazerac Rye in its on-site retail shop for $27.00 for a 750 mL bottle. Sazerac Rye produced on-site at the Sazerac House will be available for purchase at the Sazerac House following the aging process.  Visitors can view the still in action by booking a complimentary tour of the Sazerac House.



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