When The Water Rises

Waterways define Louisiana. They set the state’s boundaries on three sides; they divide the state’s interior into political and social regions. They provide work, leisure, food and great vistas. Like many people throughout the world, we are folks that have chosen to live near the water. Sometimes though, the water makes a statement reminding us that nature can be contained, but never totally subdued. The flood of mid-August spread throughout the lower half of the state elevating the streams and rivers to tragic levels. It may have been the most significant overflow event since the Great Flood of 1927, but that was about the Mississippi River, which is now contained by leeves. This time it was the small streams doing damage with little warning. One day soon the people of Louisiana will again be enjoying those streams. August 2016 was a reminder that few things should be taken for granted. — Errol Laborde

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