Episode 14: Living The Chimp Life – A Haven Near Shreveport is a Happy Space for Retired Chimpanzees


Located in Keithville, Chimp Haven is the largest protected area for chimps in the country. Many of the residents were once owned by the federal government for research; others were pets. Now they all live a leisurely life, which everyone can see in the new National Geographic and Disney+ series “Meet The Chimps.”

Amy Fultz – Chimp Haven’s director of Behavior, Education and Research – joins Errol Laborde, executive editor of Louisiana Life, along with podcast producer Kelly Massicot to tell the fascinating story of the chimps and their behavioral patterns. Oh yes, we will also discover if there are any favorites in the group.




Amy Fultz

Amy Fultz, Director of Behavior, Education & Research
You might say Amy has a way with chimps. Since co-founding Chimp Haven in 1995, she’s played matchmaker more than 250 times, creating large, loving chimp families and helping retirees thrive at the sanctuary. When Amy’s not enriching the lives of chimps and staff alike, you’ll find her hanging out with her daughters and pets, or behind a camera, sharing her passion for photography.
Favorite Chimp: Matthew – “He’s handsome and just plain silly.”




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