Episode 9: Of Pirates, Cajuns and Cowboys


Lake Charles is close enough to Texas to the west to have a cowboy influence; close enough to the Atchafalaya to the east to have a Cajun influence and close enough to the swamps to the south to have once been a hangout for pirates. Unfortunately, it is also close enough to have been on the path of Hurricane Laura. This week’s Louisiana Insider talks about grit and determination in Southwest Louisiana. Our guest is Eric Cormier a former journalist who is now an official of the Southwest Louisiana Economic Alliance.

Errol Laborde, executive editor of Louisiana Life, along with podcast producer, Kelly Massicot join Cormier in discussing heritage and recovery in Southwest Louisiana. Oh yes, we will talk about the Hackberry Ramblers and about the piles of fish seen along the Creole Nature trail.

La Insider Ep 9





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