Louisiana Life - July/August 2014

Roar of the Crowd on Bayou Lafourche

Curtain time is not always an easy moment when you operate a theater on the edge of a bayou. At the Bayou Playhouse in Lockport, about a half hour away from Thibodaux, guests wait for the theater doors to open…


From the ground up and into the pot

Top Hospitals

There is only one major source that provides credible ongoing analysis of hospitals. It is Medicare, which has to be interested, because it pays many of the big bills. As part of its informational services, medicare.gov reports on evaluations of…

Goliath Gipper

The world’s largest Ronald Reagan statue watches over Tammany Trace.

Dining Across the Gulf Coast

It is true. You can look it up. There simply is not a stretch of America that cuts through four states, abutting large bodies of fresh and salt water, where the food is as good and indigenous as ours, right…