Author: Photos by Eugenia Uhl

Kitchen Gourmet: Versatile Veggie

Eggplant With Garlic, Parsley And Parmesan 2 long, thin Asian eggplants (about 4 oz. each) 2 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped 2 teaspoons chopped parsley ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil, plus additional, if needed coarse salt and freshly ground…

Kitchen Gourmet: Love or Leave

Tip If your grill doesn’t have large spaces between the bars, you can cook the okra directly on the grill without fear of it falling into the fire. Otherwise, use a finer-meshed grill tray or basket on top of the…

Traveler: Pirate Tales

The town of Jean Lafitte invites you to meet its favorite pirate and explore his Barataria wetlands with dry feet. Predictably, the town holds the title of unofficial guardian of its namesake’s place in history, but local bragging rights don’t…

Neutral Strip Bicentennial

The story of Louisiana’s Neutral Strip, condoned by international agreement, was created in 1806 and ended with a treaty whose Bicentennial we celebrate this year, but the desperate decades of a “No-Man’s-Land” ruled by highwaymen and marauders had begun long…

The Little Museum That Could

Now enjoying its reputation as a major attraction for locals and visitors, the West Baton Rouge Museum (WBRM) in Port Allen was just a name in 1968 when the brand new WBR Historical Association “borrowed” a small former courthouse to…

Old Times Renewed

  Much more than a conventional plantation tour, to visit Kent House in Alexandria is to see cultural conservation in action, with its proactive application of demonstration and teaching skills to preserve our collective and individual memory of traditions, folkways,…

Seaside Summer

Grand Isle is an important part of the River Delta and dwindling Chenier Plain habitats, as well as a popular fishing and birding hub for both residents and visitors

One Man’s Dream

LSU’s Rural Life Museum and Windrush Gardens in Baton Rouge is a 25-acre advanced course in who we are and why

Between the Rivers

Hit the road for a getaway filled with food, fun, history and loads of nature in Vidalia and nearby Natchez, Mississippi

Natural Education

Nature centers dazzle in fall, teach us about Louisiana’s outdoors environments