Louisiana Life - September/October 2016

Sound Design

Violin maker Anya Burgess connects classical and Cajun in her Arnaudville workshop

Around The State

NORTH Twistedly Delicious in Shreveport Sampling the menu of the Twisted Root Burger Company merits serious exploration and tasting. The atmosphere alone somehow strikes the perfect balance between the casualness of a burger joint with Bohemian ambience. On any given…

Back to the Source

Gabriel Balderas celebrates coastal Mexico with his new Shreveport restaurant

In The Bag

Ruston designer creates stylish camera, baby and travel bags

Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge we hear you. There is no happy conclusion to be drawn from the string of tragedies that originated in Baton Rouge this summer. The news reverberated throughout the nation. We can all hope for a better day, and…

When The Water Rises

Waterways define Louisiana. They set the state’s boundaries on three sides; they divide the state’s interior into political and social regions. They provide work, leisure, food and great vistas. Like many people throughout the world, we are folks that have…

Bayou Hopping

The woodland waterways of northeast Louisiana offer a world of adventure seemingly little changed since the days of De Soto, Mark Twain and Audubon. Here gators glide, pelicans preen, frogs hop, turtles bask on stumps and part-sunken logs while impossibly…