Louisiana Made

Artfully Loaded

It’s no surprise that in a state that brands itself “Sportsman’s Paradise,” the art and craft of fine firearms is very much alive and well. Our neighbors include stockmakers, metalsmiths, engravers and restorers, several of whom are working at such…

A Louisiana Life: Going Nuts

For a long time, it seemed as if the trajectory of Jady Regard’s career would see him climbing the ladder in sales and marketing for professional sports teams. In college at LSU, he was a student manager for the men’s…

Home Grown

Louisiana has always been a state that values its own, and local businesses play a big role in helping the state’s unique culture thrive. The state’s culture bearers, artists and craftsmen are part of what bring visitors internationally to see…

Literary Louisiana: Beach Books

Southern Lady Code: Essays by Helen Ellis While writer Helen Ellis hails from Alabama, her newest book, “Southern Lady Code,” and its humorous tales, advice and nonsense, will ring true with Louisiana ladies from the tip of the boot to…

Louisiana Made: Sweet Preservation

Their fingers were crimson — almost stained — and with bellies full like the certainty of a cicada song at sunset, baskets of strawberries remained, and a decision had to be made. “There were just too many, and we didn’t…

Carving a Niche

Glimmers of a December sun reflect wildly off the wet ground, a slick, dark floor of fallen leaves and mud left by last night’s rain. A hatchet that looks like it has earned its rust leans across a thin handrail…

Louisiana Made: Metal Winner

As far as daily commutes go, David Cano’s is hard to beat. It runs from the recently renovated second-floor loft apartment directly above his wife’s letterpress studio to just down the street at the expansive metal fabrication shop where, with…

Louisiana Made: Making Scents

There’s a deeply NOLA phenomenon that could be described as a kind of neon twilight. It happens when the last of a humid day’s sunset shines off a low-slung sky blanket hanging, it seems, just out of reach, and casts…

Literary Louisiana: Take Flight

Audubon on Louisiana Selected Writings of John James Audubon, edited by Ben Forkner Known perhaps as the greatest naturalist painter, John James Audubon will forever be linked to the state of Louisiana. During his time traveling up and down the…

Louisiana Made: Turning Heads

A red Rolling Stones tongue taunts from a cotton tee as she moves swiftly through her efficient home studio in grey yoga pants, describing how she lit one of her hats on fire. “Oh, I have a torch,” she says…

First Impressions

Leslie Graham and Ryan Howell master the art of letterpress in Alexandria

Jennings Apiaries

Ruston compnay creates honey and honeycomb products straight from the hive

Serious Success

New Orleans Chef Kristen Essig of Coquette opens second restaurant and works for change in the industry

Crawfish Craze

Crawfish butter and three tasty recipes to curb your crustacean craving

Culinary fight club

Chef Sean Rivera fights the good fight in Baton Rouge restaurant and in New Orleans’ Culinary Fight Club competition

Ranch Redux

Aron Biedenharn Coates renews a Baton Rouge ranch style house with a midcentury modern vibe

Fired Up!

Rhonda Lee of St. James Parish stokes the flames during annual holiday celebration